Red Squirrel started with one simple question:

What if we combined real fun with real training?

Sure, there are lots of team building experiences out there, but do they provide anything more for your company than a nice day out?

Our mission is to deliver genuine, lasting change for companies.

Our approach to team building is built around you. First, we deep dive with you about your specific team dynamics and then we create a bespoke Treasure Hunt to draw out everyone’s potential and capabilities.

Each Treasure Hunt begins with an inspiring facilitation, gently guiding the way towards great team dynamics. During the day, each person will be given a chance to shine with clues that challenge both IQ and EQ. 

Soon your team will begin to see one another in a new light and discover how to merge their strengths and have fun along the way.


Anna O’Flanagan is our founder and chief squirrel. Working as a Senior Facilitator, with both Public and Private Enterprise, has given her 20 years of insight and experience to design a truly winning combination of progress through participation.

Bringing her passion and energy into every bespoke Treasure Hunt is what makes Red Squirrel thrive. Business managers, HR leaders and dynamic CEOs, across Ireland, trust her ability to transform their company from a set of individuals into a cohesive, successful and enthusiastic team.