Can we brand the Treasure Hunt with our company logo?

Of course, simply chat to us about what you’d like – from hoodies to branded clues.

Does rain stop play?

Rain will rarely stop play. Red Squirrel Treasure Hunts are all-weather activities, it adds to the fun. We ask treasure hunters to dress for Irish weather. We always carry some spare ponchos.

Unless there is an Orange or Red weather warning, the show will go on.

We have different levels of fitness on our team, will it be suitable for all?

Yes, unless there are significant mobility issues, most will be able for the challenge. Also, if people do find it tough, there is an opportunity for some to go ahead while others work on other clues such as trying to crack one of the codes. At Red Squirrel, we give all abilities a chance to shine.

What’s the minimum number of people per treasure hunt?

We suggest a 10 people minimum, breaking into two groups of 5.

And the maximum?

We can run Treasure Hunts for up to 300 people.

Generally team building treasure hunts work best with 20-50 people.