At Red Squirrel we shake things up, enhance relationships and make every person on the team feel valued.
Guided by an expert facilitator, our teams learn to work collectively, reveal their individual strengths and create lasting bonds of respect and belonging.

Our Experiences

Off-grid, eco-friendly, competitive and fun, Red Squirrel offers a range of experiences that focus on Team Building Treasure Hunts, Employee Orientation Challenges, Remote Team Building and Incentive Travel Groups.

Every treasure hunt is unique and varied, combining collective problem solving, observational clues, tricky tasks and mind challenges.

Our treasure hunts take place in a variety of inspiring and beautiful outdoor locations in Ireland and are facilitated by an expert industry leader in team building dynamics.

The Environment

Red Squirrel is guided by a commitment to sustainability and the environment and keeping our own carbon footprint low.

We have accessed the high-quality training provided by the experts at the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and keep these principles in mind throughout everything we do.

Participants from overseas for example, who are taking part in our Incentive Travel Group Treasure Hunts, are given the opportunity to off-set their carbon footprint, with an optional tree planting ceremony included as part of the days’ activities.

Our Founder

Anna O’Flanagan is our Founder and Chief Squirrel. Working in senior roles in Training, Facilitation and Events, with both Public and Private Enterprise, has given her 20 years of insight and experience.

During her professional career, Anna saw first-hand how play, interaction and collaboration can transform team relations.

Since tapping into her entrepreneurial spirit and setting up Red Squirrel in 2018, Anna now works with companies of all sizes who are looking for fun, creative things to do with their employees and who would like to improve morale, promote well-being and encourage engagement.

  • “Red Squirrel are an incredible company who blew our team away on our virtual Christmas Event in 2020. We will definitely be calling on them again in the future!”

    Manika Nia Dixon
    Executive Officer
  • “This was our second experience with Anna and yet again she didn’t disappoint. It was well organised, perfectly pitched and loads of fun!”

    Aebhin Cawley
    Managing Director
    Scott Cawley
  • “Our team members were still talking about how much fun they had days later!”

    Stephen Walsh
    Human Resources
  • “The Red Squirrel Treasure Hunt is to be recommended & is a great way to team build & find other people’s strengths.”

    Maggie Kyle
    Tidy Towns Malahide
  • “Anna and her team make it easy, relaxed & fun, with just enough competitiveness to keep everyone happy!”

    Sandra Irwin Gowran
    Head of Education & Development
    Educate Together
  • “Anna and her team at Red Squirrel were great hosts and looked after us so well.”

    Rory Ryan
    Managing Partner
    RYAN+LAMB Architects
  • “Anna handled all the background work, which meant we could all relax and enjoy the experience.”

    Tabitha Moran
    Manager, Workplace Operations
  • “Anna and her team were very professional throughout and our employees thoroughly enjoyed the event.”

    Shirley Delaney
    HR Lead
  • “Anna & the team were very professional to work with & mindful of the fact that the event was taking place in a fully functioning new hospital building.”

    Olive Keenan
    Director of Human Resources
    National Rehabilitation Hospital