Helping staff to transition to their new surroundings in a fun and creative way!


Designed to replace the traditional building tour, our Employee Orientation Challenge aims to orientate new employees via a bespoke workplace treasure hunt.

The challenge can also work for existing staff members who are moving to a new building and who need to be introduced to new spaces and processes associated with the move.

An excellent opportunity for team building, the challenge aims to promote and enhance employee morale during a time of significant change.

How It Works

Red Squirrel will meet with you on-site, in advance, to discuss your requirements and ensure the treasure hunt is tailored to your company’s specific employee orientation needs.

On the day of the challenge, each staff member will be assigned a team to explore the new building through a series of mini team challenges and problem-solving tasks including cryptic clues, rhyming riddles and image or props-based challenges.


Number of participants: 20 – 500
Duration: 1 hour per team, with the event running over a few days if necessary.
Location: Varied- Wherever you need us to be.

  • “Red Squirrel designed an NRH Challenge event which focused on orienting staff into our wonderful state of the art new hospital facility. The event brought an element of team building and gave staff a fun filled opportunity to orientate themselves in their new space. It was a great success.”

    Olive Keenan
    Director of Human Resources
    National Rehabilitation Hospital