Celebrate the start of summer and keep your team motivated with a virtual games night!


Your work summer party may be cancelled this year, but you can still energise your team and lift their spirits with a Red Squirrel Virtual Summer Games Night!

This accessibly priced event boosts team morale, builds connection and takes no effort on the part of the client- Red Squirrel will look after everything!

How It Works

Red Squirrel will talk to you over the phone in advance to discuss your requirements and ensure the games night is tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Need a quick warm up before you jump into the sixty minutes of fun? Relax, you’re in good hands. Our host will welcome you in the games lobby, introduce the evenings activities and allocate the teams.

A wide variety of challenges including Pictionary, Pub Trivia, Buzz In Challenges and Colleague Fun Fact Guessing means that everyone has the opportunity to engage, discuss and enjoy the company of their colleagues.

At the end of the evening the winning team will be announced, and a fun photo will be taken in the Photo Booth!


Number of participants: 6-30
Duration: 1 Hour
IT Requirements: No fancy equipment or app is required. No signup or account setting. All you need to access the game is a webcam, headphones, and a stable WiFi connection. On the evening of the event team members join the room via a link we will send in advance.
Cost: 6-16 participants: €450 | 17-30 participants: €595

  • “We’re still sharing laughs and highlights from Games Night, days later – thank you Red Squirrel!”